It is not clear where Chijioke and Ngozi were at the time the landmark decision to hand over father’s sweat, as many would call it, was made but what is very clear is that Chijioke and Ngozi were invested in banking like Uzoma, taunted for selling daddy’s inheritance.

Maybe they were led by the desire to cut their teeth in Nigeria’s highly competitive banking industry. The talk of whether selling Diamond Bank to Access Bank was the best idea is not essential anymore. What’s important is that the three siblings are still very much invested in banking, each making giant strides in their personal space.

Chijioke Dozie, the co-founder and CEO of Carbon Finance, said the company seeks to focus on its customers’ needs and adapt to market demands. Ngozi Dozie, also a co-founder, said that the company’s newly launched product gives its customers the flexibility to shop when they want at zero per cent interest rates. In 2019, the bank processed over $240 million payments. Uzoma Dozie – Sparkle MFB Uzoma Dozie has remained in banking after exiting Diamond Bank as Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer. The Diamond Bank was sold or merged with Access Bank, depending on which side of the divide you belong to.

Uzoma founded Sparkle Microfinance Bank, operating as a fintech company. In October 2021, Uzoma’s latest invention raised $3.1 million to expand operations. Uzoma had told TechCrunch that they do not see their customers from accounts, payments, deposits or credit angles but from how they can help them do what they want to do at any time. He said the bank wants to provide Nigerians with financial, lifestyle and business support services. The bank launched Sparkle Business in April last year to acquire several sets of underserved users from small and medium businesses.

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